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Write and call (and boycott if necessary) any governments that are complicit in anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activities.

  MISINFORMATION There is a lot of it out there; when an incident happens visit the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs at
and the IDF at
  SIGN UP FOR SOLIDARITY is a site that enables people to express support for the State of Israel.

They have received 1,138,855 individual signatures!

On April 17th, the text below was presented to the President of Israel and the ambassadors of Israel in every country.

...To the President of the State of Israel,

On this 54th anniversary of the State of Israel, please accept this modest token of admiration and solidarity.
The attached document defines, in ten points, what being a friend of Israel means.
The text was written in Brussels, less than a month ago, and sent to a small group of friends of Israel. Today, over a million people around the world have signed it in various languages.
We, the friends of Israel, wish to express our support to the people of Israel in these difficult times. In addition, we want to inform the world of the involvement of hundreds of thousands in the struggle against the disinformation and political abuse of which the State of Israel, its people and its army are the unfair victims.
We want the people of Israel to know that they are not alone and that we are at their side in this fight.
It is therefore with immense respect and great emotion that we extend to you these ten points and these signatures and wish You : Hag Sameach!

Brussels, April 17th 2002

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